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Are you dissatisfied with the poor results and expensive prices involved with running Facebook ads?

Is your marketing approach failing to meet your goals?

Perhaps you’ve engaged with multiple marketing agencies that made grand promises to increase your ROI, only to witness a sharp decline in your sales figures.

As a growth-obsessed marketing company, we specialize in rapidly propelling qualified eCommerce businesses to their true potential. We understand firsthand the challenges you’ve faced in launching your business successfully. We have personally invested significant sums in ads, learning from costly mistakes along the way. This has equipped us with an in-depth understanding of the precise needs that drive conversions for eCommerce businesses.

That is precisely why we are here: to provide your company with the essential boost it needs through our expertise in paid advertising.

What benefits will you get?

Expertise in Digital Marketing Strategies: Our agency has a demonstrated track record of developing effective digital marketing strategies for fashion ecommerce businesses that generate traffic, increase sales, and enhance ROI.

Increased Online Visibility

We can help you increase your online visibility and make it simpler for potential customers to find you by optimizing your website and digital platforms.

Improved Website visitors

Our digital marketing services are designed to increase the possibility of conversions and sales by driving high-quality visitors to your website.

Higher Conversion Rates

We can help enhance your conversion rates and convert more website users into paying clients by optimizing your website and marketing channels.

Stronger Brand Identity

Our fashion digital marketing services are meant to help you in developing a consistent brand identity across all marketing channels, helping in the development of trust and loyalty among your target audience.

Improved Customer Engagement

We can assist you in more effectively engaging with your target audience via social media, email marketing, and other digital platforms.

Increased ROI

We can help you obtain a higher return on investment (ROI) and maximize your revenues by optimizing your digital marketing initiatives.

Why Us ?

You can also get Higher ROAS As these results

ad campaign 10x ROAS

Achieved an Astounding 11.6x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for an E-Commerce Business !

Total Amount Spend - ₹6,17,898.28
Total Online Sale - ₹ 43,81,598.00
Best Performing - 22.5x ROAS
ROAS on Total Sale - 7x
Avg ROAS All Campaigns - 11.6x


In a recent collaboration, we partnered with a small fashion accessories brand operating in the highly competitive industry. Despite possessing a product that perfectly resonated with the market, their sales volume remained disappointingly low. Limited to just a handful of sales channels, they struggled to achieve steady and predictable growth. With our proven ad strategy, this business started selling more and they have achieved an average of 11.6x ROAS 

ad campaign 8x ROAS

Achieved an Incredible 9x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for an E-Commerce Business!

Total Amount Spend - $ 1,007,825.68
Total Online Sale - $ 5,840,551.00
Best Performing - 12.4x ROAS
ROAS on Total Sale - 5.8x
Avg. ROAS All Campaigns - 8.8x


Upon collaborating with this client, we immersed ourselves in their product and brand, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their unique offerings. Our approach involved extensive testing of various creative elements and copy combinations, strategically highlighting their unique selling points and addressing customer pain points. By positioning their products as the exclusive solution to their customers' needs, we achieved remarkable success . They have generated 9x Return on ad spend on an average.

ad campaign 10x ROAS

Unleashed a Phenomenal 7x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for an Exceptional E-Commerce Business!

Total Amount Spend - $ 84,759.89
Total Online Sale - $ 839,098.00
Best Performing - 17.8x ROAS
ROAS on Total Sale - 9.9x
Avg. ROAS All Campaigns - 6.6x


Upon collaborating with this client, we implemented a robust retargeting funnel, focusing on their unique selling propositions and irresistible offers. This approach not only boosted their profits but also facilitated cross-sells and upsells through the implementation of Dynamic Product Ads which leads to 7x Return on ad spend.

Start Following Proven Marketing Strategy For Your Ecommerce Business

Our team is expertise in Ecommerce Digital Marketing working for more than 20+ Ecommerce brands and generating revenue over 900%+ of ROAS

Our Services Includes

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

One of the most effective platforms for showcasing goods, introducing new features, generating sales, etc. in the fashion industry.

Conversion Optimization

It is important because it allows you to focus on existing website visitors and users. You can both increase revenue per user & also grow your business by optimizing your conversion rate.

Paid Ad for Product Selling

These advertisements have been developed such that, regardless of location or gender, they will be seen by your target demographic.

Search Engine Optimization

Custom on-page and off-page SEO helps your fashion e-commerce website grow. Visibility is always the primary goal of doing SEO in e-commerce.​


A professionally designed and developed e-commerce website is always necessary for the fashion industry where we come in. ​


It's not only about your product, its also about how you are showcasing it. To handle such kind of situation we have a specialized ecommerce creative team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with your digital marketing services?

You need to book a strategy call with us with the button available above. You need to click on the button and choose the date and time as per availability ad submit the information we have asked for. After submitting our team will call you to confirm the appointment. Then we will be discussing all the in and outs of the project in detail during the strategy call. Then after you confirm and give us a go-ahead we will start working for you.

How will your digital marketing services help my eCommerce business?

In this program, we have customized the plan specially for eCommerce businesses. We will be working deeply on our strategy and measuring the KPIs at every step which is the key point to getting results.

What differentiates the company apart from other digital marketing companies?

Hiemind Digital specializes in creating tailored digital marketing solutions for fashion eCommerce companies. We have a team of seasoned specialists dedicated to providing high-quality solutions and great customer service.

What will be the cost for this service?

There is no fixed cost for the service. We offer customized services as per your requirement and your business goal. We understand that your business need can be different from other. So we discuss the requirement and the result you are expecting with you in our 1-1 meeting and then we workout on the budget.

I'm unable to schedule the appointment. What should I do now?

If you are experiencing this issue, please contact our team at hello@hiemind.net or call +91-9674453180. We will look into this issue and arrange separate adjustments.

Do we need to sign any contract?

Yes, we have a minimum tenure of 6 months for this industry. After finalizing everything on 1-1 meeting we will be sharing you the contract which need to be checked & confirmed from your end. After that only we will start initializing the further steps.

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